My get happy quick scheme.

Happiness means different things to different people. The things that make you happy are, different to the things that would make me happy. Happiness can be achieved through many different means. What makes people truly happy? Well from where I stand, I think to be truly happy, you need to be doing the things that make you happy. When you go to work you enjoy what you are doing, when you go home you enjoy the environment you live in and the people around you. And in your down time you enjoy what you do. Your not stressed. I think being succesful is about finding the right thing for you in this world and making a positive contribution. I want the world to have become A little better because of me by the time I leave it. I think if everyone did that then the world would be pretty awesome.

I seem to find a pattern in people, coming across people who are continuously happy for a majority of their life and people who seem to be unhappy a lot of the time. Something that I have noticed is that the people who are happy a lot of the time seem to take responsibility for their happiness. They find out what works for them and they pursue that. Unhappy people however tend to do this thing where they find excuses as to why they are unhappy but don’t actually change anything. It’s always someone elses fault or something that they perceive as out of their control to change. In the end, they make excuses. They then proceed to complain about their situation, which for them is a way of coping with it. Having someone listen helps. Then what happens is the people who are happy leave them alone because they don’t want to hear this negativity all the time. The people who are left are people just like them. So they talk to each other about their problems all the time and get stuck in this place where they justify blame on others. It’s the governments fault or whatever.

So how do we become someone who is happy all of the time? Here are a few of my thoughts.
Make a plan. Analyse your situation and have a look at where you are at this point of time and where you want to be. Start making goals for yourself that you truly want. Not what other people want, but what you want. I think that for the most part the core issue is that people don’t chase what truly makes them happy. What you enjoy is what makes you happy. Not money, not entertainment. Don’t confuse entertainment with a hobby, they are different. A hobby is playing the guitar. Entertainment is watching other people play the guitar. So once you figure that out, you can begin to find out how that fits in with your life. Lets say you have a real passion for running. You love the feeling of putting on some trainers and having that thinking space to yourself. You take that concept and open it up a little bit. Set yourself a goal. Okay in 6 months time I’m going to run a half marathon. Setting yourself a goal and working at it is an important way to being happy. Proving to yourself that you can achieve something that you believe in. Goals are also very important to making progress in your life. One of my great inspirations and role models Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple inc., said that because he loves what he does, he could do great things. I think that being passionate about what you do is at the very core of becoming successfull.

So what we seem to get is this part where we need to find a job or make ends meet before we either get to the point where we can do what we really want, or just finding out what we really want to do. So how do we fill in this part where we might have to do things we don’t want to do? Well for starter, work hard at getting a job you are okay with. You don’t have to be happy with it, but being okay with your job is a very good thing esecially in an entry level or minimum wage occupation. Remaining free is possibly the happiest element of anyones life I think. Be grounded, and also be free. Don’t get a credit card, bills are fucking annoying and you will hate the stress of trying to pay them off and budget for that shit. Set and write down your goals. Stick to a plan and make sure to find and enjoy the little things on the way. Little things can be as easy as sitting down and having a coffee. Just relaxing. Taking yourself out to a movie or doing things with friends. It’s said that the best things in life are free. I think that’s because there is no stress about “oh no this is going to cost and I’ll have to think about what I’m doing and how it affects my budget” etc, etc. Find small things that make you happy. De-stress. Go for a walk out of town.

Another big element to being happy is what we do to our bodies. Pretty much if you eat shit, you will feel shit. Eat and drink well, it’s pretty easy and alot cheaper than fast food. Make sure you excersize. This is so important as it releases endorphins in the brain that give you those feel good vibes. Make things easy for yourself. No one likes hardcore excersize just to keep happy. Do something that you find rewarding and you end up wanting to do it. It can be as simple as walking to and from work instead of using a car (a lot cheaper aswell). Also sleep well. The best hours are 10-6. Something to do with the moon i’m told. Chocolate is also good for releasing endorphins and healthy sex is better. So if you ain’t getting none, go buy a block.

Earn more than you spend. Actually dedicate money for nothing. Just save even if you don’t have a reason. The feeling of progress is the single most greatest way to keep happy. The great wall of china was built one brick at a time. But it never gets built without laying that first brick.


Finding your path

So I’ve been thinking over a little something. This mind state about having a sense of plan. This is very important. People who don’t have a plan or sense of direction become very unhappy very quickly. Feel like their life is heading nowhere and that they are not important. Often in life it seems like everyone around us always have it worked out. They know where they’re going and what they want to do. If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably sitting there thinking “what the fuck even is life”, and you have no idea where you’re headed. You might be wondering what you do in a situation like this. How do you make the first step when you don’t know which path to walk on? It can seem very daunting and confusing. All you have to do is decide.

Success comes from the willingness to make mistakes. The pessimist would say that the more decisions you make in life, the more chances of failure you have. The optimist would say that the more decisions you make, the more chances of success you will have. I think both are true. The problem is how we perceive a mistake. A lot of people have this perception that a mistake is a failure or a weakness. People let mistakes define their lives. If I make a mistake at something where my brother did not, does that me any less valuable than him? Or less of a person? That all comes down to how we value our mistake. We can beat ourselves up about mistakes or use them as a platform to spring forward. In some cases mistakes will teach you about how to handle a situation much better, or how to get the best out of something. So in a way, the man who doesn’t make the mistake has learnt so much less. Arnold Schwarzenegger always said “Don’t be paralysed by the fear of failure, or you will never push yourself”.

So I think first things first is to say yes to opportunity. If you are without a job. Just get a job. Don’t think yourself to be above working at a fast food joint. It will open up some possibilities for you. You have to start from the bottom of the ladder. The key is to start, you will get to the top one day, but you will never make it if you don’t start from the bottom. Just do things because you like doing them. If you want to be happy then do things that make you happy. Why would you look at your life and say “I want to do this job because it gives me a lot of money”. If you don’t enjoy what you do, the money will never help you. Why would you earn money so that you can feed yourself and put a roof over your head and live so that you can go and do that job that you hate? Just so you can earn enough to go back the next day and keep spending the majority of your time being unhappy? I personally would rather earn a lot less and live a lot more.

So how do you decide what to do. Where do you find your road in this life. The thing is that your road isn’t even made yet. You have to be the first one to tread foot on the road that you take. Life’s an adventure, not a tiki tour. You don’t have to know where you are headed to make the first step. Start saying yes to opportunity. When Im presented an opportunity, and I’m not sure if I should take it, I ask myself two questions. “Can I afford to do this”. Can I afford the money, time and commitment. The second question is: “Will I regret it if I don’t do it”. If both answers are yes, then that is all I need.

It can be really daunting coming to your last year of school and everyone around you seems to have it worked out. They already know what they want to study next year. And that’s totally fine for them. If you’re not ready to study and you don’t know what you want in life; DON’T SPEND MONEY AND TIME ON A EDUCATION THAT YOU DON’T ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT. If you choose to study something, do it because you believe in what you are doing. Don’t feel pressure by friends or family. Especially your parents. If you go into tertiary study for gratification, to feel like you are someone or to prove something to your parents, you will most likely out. Simply because you wont care enough about what you are doing.

Your grades do not define you. If you didn’t do very well in math or English or whatever, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter if you were lazy and couldn’t be bothered doing the study. If it wasn’t something that you were passionate about, then the likelihood of you needing that certificate is next to none.

Always remember that every person is different. You can’t do some things as well as some other people can. That’s just fact. There are things that you can do, and strengths that you have, which no one else has. That’s what makes you unique, it’s what makes you important. You have something to offer. You might not even know what it is yet. So you have to learn a bit more about yourself. For myself personally, im going to travel. Next year in January I will leave for Australia and then later Canada and Scotland, perhaps more. Be someone who makes decisions.

In a way, you can have a sense of plan. Even if you don’t know where your headed, just make the first step.

A little introduction…


My name is Brogan Gilchrist and I’m a twenty year old working as a barista. My job is kind of funny in that the majority of what im doing is just talking to people. Simply asking someone how their day was opens up this unique insight into their life. Like looking through he keyhole into someone elses world. Then they’re gone. In a way it’s the best job in the world. You get to meet only nice people and have a great conversation.


So lets start off with “I have no idea what I’m doing”. This basically sums up my utter and total existence. In a way, it’s really nice. I don’t think there should be anything in life that really defines you as a person that says that your set for this path, paycheck, lifestyle, freedom or sense of worth. State of mind is the most powerful tool in life I believe. The ability to make choices and decide how you want to live. So you kind of have to decide what you want to do really don’t you. What do I want out of my life. For myself personally it’s about helping people. I think if everyone made the world a little bit better than the world would be a fucking awesome place.

It’s not though. lets face it, there’s a pretty shitty and ugly side of the world that a lot of us choose to turn a blind eye to because its easier and keeps us happy. Ignorance is bliss right? It seems the only time we really make something change is when it directly affects us. To be honest im kind of over that frame of thinking. And it doesn’t have to be the negative thing where we think there’s so much hard work involve. Sometimes its just as easy as talking about it. Just being morally sensitive to the people around us.

rant over.