My get happy quick scheme.

Happiness means different things to different people. The things that make you happy are, different to the things that would make me happy. Happiness can be achieved through many different means. What makes people truly happy? Well from where I stand, I think to be truly happy, you need to be doing the things that make you happy. When you go to work you enjoy what you are doing, when you go home you enjoy the environment you live in and the people around you. And in your down time you enjoy what you do. Your not stressed. I think being succesful is about finding the right thing for you in this world and making a positive contribution. I want the world to have become A little better because of me by the time I leave it. I think if everyone did that then the world would be pretty awesome.

I seem to find a pattern in people, coming across people who are continuously happy for a majority of their life and people who seem to be unhappy a lot of the time. Something that I have noticed is that the people who are happy a lot of the time seem to take responsibility for their happiness. They find out what works for them and they pursue that. Unhappy people however tend to do this thing where they find excuses as to why they are unhappy but don’t actually change anything. It’s always someone elses fault or something that they perceive as out of their control to change. In the end, they make excuses. They then proceed to complain about their situation, which for them is a way of coping with it. Having someone listen helps. Then what happens is the people who are happy leave them alone because they don’t want to hear this negativity all the time. The people who are left are people just like them. So they talk to each other about their problems all the time and get stuck in this place where they justify blame on others. It’s the governments fault or whatever.

So how do we become someone who is happy all of the time? Here are a few of my thoughts.
Make a plan. Analyse your situation and have a look at where you are at this point of time and where you want to be. Start making goals for yourself that you truly want. Not what other people want, but what you want. I think that for the most part the core issue is that people don’t chase what truly makes them happy. What you enjoy is what makes you happy. Not money, not entertainment. Don’t confuse entertainment with a hobby, they are different. A hobby is playing the guitar. Entertainment is watching other people play the guitar. So once you figure that out, you can begin to find out how that fits in with your life. Lets say you have a real passion for running. You love the feeling of putting on some trainers and having that thinking space to yourself. You take that concept and open it up a little bit. Set yourself a goal. Okay in 6 months time I’m going to run a half marathon. Setting yourself a goal and working at it is an important way to being happy. Proving to yourself that you can achieve something that you believe in. Goals are also very important to making progress in your life. One of my great inspirations and role models Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple inc., said that because he loves what he does, he could do great things. I think that being passionate about what you do is at the very core of becoming successfull.

So what we seem to get is this part where we need to find a job or make ends meet before we either get to the point where we can do what we really want, or just finding out what we really want to do. So how do we fill in this part where we might have to do things we don’t want to do? Well for starter, work hard at getting a job you are okay with. You don’t have to be happy with it, but being okay with your job is a very good thing esecially in an entry level or minimum wage occupation. Remaining free is possibly the happiest element of anyones life I think. Be grounded, and also be free. Don’t get a credit card, bills are fucking annoying and you will hate the stress of trying to pay them off and budget for that shit. Set and write down your goals. Stick to a plan and make sure to find and enjoy the little things on the way. Little things can be as easy as sitting down and having a coffee. Just relaxing. Taking yourself out to a movie or doing things with friends. It’s said that the best things in life are free. I think that’s because there is no stress about “oh no this is going to cost and I’ll have to think about what I’m doing and how it affects my budget” etc, etc. Find small things that make you happy. De-stress. Go for a walk out of town.

Another big element to being happy is what we do to our bodies. Pretty much if you eat shit, you will feel shit. Eat and drink well, it’s pretty easy and alot cheaper than fast food. Make sure you excersize. This is so important as it releases endorphins in the brain that give you those feel good vibes. Make things easy for yourself. No one likes hardcore excersize just to keep happy. Do something that you find rewarding and you end up wanting to do it. It can be as simple as walking to and from work instead of using a car (a lot cheaper aswell). Also sleep well. The best hours are 10-6. Something to do with the moon i’m told. Chocolate is also good for releasing endorphins and healthy sex is better. So if you ain’t getting none, go buy a block.

Earn more than you spend. Actually dedicate money for nothing. Just save even if you don’t have a reason. The feeling of progress is the single most greatest way to keep happy. The great wall of china was built one brick at a time. But it never gets built without laying that first brick.


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