A little introduction…


My name is Brogan Gilchrist and I’m a twenty year old working as a barista. My job is kind of funny in that the majority of what im doing is just talking to people. Simply asking someone how their day was opens up this unique insight into their life. Like looking through he keyhole into someone elses world. Then they’re gone. In a way it’s the best job in the world. You get to meet only nice people and have a great conversation.


So lets start off with “I have no idea what I’m doing”. This basically sums up my utter and total existence. In a way, it’s really nice. I don’t think there should be anything in life that really defines you as a person that says that your set for this path, paycheck, lifestyle, freedom or sense of worth. State of mind is the most powerful tool in life I believe. The ability to make choices and decide how you want to live. So you kind of have to decide what you want to do really don’t you. What do I want out of my life. For myself personally it’s about helping people. I think if everyone made the world a little bit better than the world would be a fucking awesome place.

It’s not though. lets face it, there’s a pretty shitty and ugly side of the world that a lot of us choose to turn a blind eye to because its easier and keeps us happy. Ignorance is bliss right? It seems the only time we really make something change is when it directly affects us. To be honest im kind of over that frame of thinking. And it doesn’t have to be the negative thing where we think there’s so much hard work involve. Sometimes its just as easy as talking about it. Just being morally sensitive to the people around us.

rant over.


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